Dress Code, Cell Phone & Smoking Policies

Dress Code at West Shore Country Club

The West Shore Country Club has a long and proud heritage of traditions and standards. We recognize that members and their guests approach West Shore Country Club from varying backgrounds. We simply hope that members and their guests dress in a tasteful and appropriate manner, as would be expected at a country club. Please remember that your appearance not only reflects on you, but does affect those around you who are enjoying dining and other events.

Male Dress Code:

Appropriate golf attire, business attire casual to dressy, polo-type shirts with collar, turtleneck, or mock turtleneck. Sleeves may be long or short. Golf shirts must be tucked in. Slacks and shorts are acceptable, not to exceed 4” above the knee. Tasteful, neatly pressed denim. Hats, visor, and caps must be worn peak forward and must be removed when entering the upper level of the Clubhouse. Dressy sandals.

Inappropriate attire: t-shirts of any kind, sweatshirts/hoodies, tank tops, cargo pants or shorts, athletic pants or shorts, cut-off slacks, drawstring pants or shorts, swimsuits, slides, beach style flip flops.

Female Dress Code:

Appropriate casual to dressy attire, golf attire, business attire. Slacks, shorts, skorts, capris and knee length shorts not to exceed 4” above the knee. Tasteful, neatly pressed denim jeans, jackets, tops. Dressy sandals.

Inappropriate attire includes the following: t-shirts, tank tops, halter tops, cargo pants or shorts, yoga pants or shorts, lycra leggings, drawstring pants or shorts, swim attire, beach style flip flops.

Cellular Phone Policy

Audio cell phone use is not permitted in the dining room areas of the Clubhouse. Calls may be received on the cellular devices provided they are in the vibratory mode, but cellular conversations shall be conducted outside the dining areas. In all other areas of the Club premises, including the golf course, Members are encouraged to limit their use of these devices so as to maintain a social, non-business environment.

Smoking Policy

West Shore Country Club is a smoke-free facility except for the golf course, men’s card room and in designated areas of the lower patio and parking lots where cigar, cigarette and pipe smoking are permitted. The General Manager may relax the smoking rules for Club events. Smoking is not allowed in any other area of the Clubhouse, pool bathhouses, racquet sports courts and racquet sports pro shop.