Dress Code

All players must be appropriately attired on the golf course and practice areas at all times. Slacks, dress shorts, and sport shirts are designated as proper attire. Dress shorts must be no shorter than mid-thigh. Tennis short length is not considered proper attire. Tee shirts, tank shirts, blue jeans, and cargo shorts/slacks do not conform to the dress code. This is a soft-spike facility, therefore, metal spikes, running shoes, turf shoes, and sneakers are not permitted. Gentlemen's and Ladies shirttails shall be tucked in at all times, unless an otherwise appropriate garment is designed to be specifically worn out. Gentlemen shall remove their hats & golfing head wear when on the upper level of the clubhouse. Nowhere on the club grounds may caps or visors be worn backwards or significantly askew from the forward position.

The Pro Shop Staff has the authority to ask players to conform to this dress code.