Member Sponsored Tennis Events

A limited number of member sponsored tennis events are available at West Shore Country Club. Please contact the General Manager at 717-920-2883 for more information on availability, pricing or other matters.

Currently, the following events are scheduled for this year:

5th Annual Dr. W. Minster Kunkel Memorial Tennis Tournament

Friday, May 17 2013

Please contact David J. Remmel at (717) 731-1990; or via e-mail for additional information.

Hospice Men's Golf / Men's Tennis

Monday June 10, 2013

Please contact Karen Paris at (717) 732-1000; or via e-mail: for additional information.

20th Annual William H. Metzger

Pennsylvania State Clay Court Open Championship

Friday, June 14 2013
Please contact Craig K. Mathias at (717) 657-3212; or via e-mail:
for additional information.